Welcome to the TinyML Community

Welcome to the TinyML online learning Community!

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We’d like to get to know you. Take a moment to say hi to our Community and introduce yourself. Tell us as much or as little as you’d like. Here are a few questions as suggestions, feel free to make up your own.

  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do for a living, and in your spare time?
  • What are your top skills or areas of expertise?
  • What first attracted you to TinyML?
  • How do you envision using TinyML in the future?
  • What do you hope to get out of joining this community?
  • Tell us something fun about yourself! What sports do you like, what food you enjoy etc.

Share a picture! We all love pictures :slight_smile:

Please join in, tell us about yourself, and take a few moments to get to know the others here in our Community.


Hey everyone, this is Eric, a third-year undergrad interested in privacy-centric and explainable AI.

I took CS249r with VJ this past Fall 2020 and loved the introduction into TinyML. I had a lot of fun going through all the projects and seeing things work in real life! For a final project, my classmate Kavya and I developed an implementation of Federated Transfer Learning on a microcontroller. You can see our video at the top of the page: TinyML - Final Projects.

Super excited to see this TinyML community grow!

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Hi everyone, my name’s Radhika and I’m a second-year PhD student advised by VJ. My research is about building systems for robotics, but I’m also really into embedded systems and spend a lot of time on Instructables and Hackaday!

I was a teaching assistant for the internal offering of the Introduction to TinyML course with VJ this Fall 2020. It was awesome seeing students (like perhaps yourself!) come up with amazing final projects, and deploy them in real-life on microcontrollers.

Looking forward to seeing everyone chip in and making this a wonderful community!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Colby and I’m a Ph.D. student at Harvard (Advised by VJ). My research is in TinyML where I work to create more efficient tiny systems through characterization and co-design.

I also love to learn and to teach! I was a TA for CS249r at Harvard this year and I develop content for the HarvardX TinyML course.

I’m looking to share project ideas and meet members of the community and potential collaborators!


Hi every one myself Shanmukh, second year under grad of department Electronics from India.

I am very interested in the field of ML,DL. I have experience in working with TensorFlow, Scikit Learn and have done few projects and participated in kaggle competitions. As Tiny ML is the intersection of my degree and interest, I would like to combine both the skills and produce best results.

Very happy to be part of TinyML community :).

Hello every one, This is Randika Jayasekara from Sri Lanka. I’m totally curios with TinyML application after referring the Edx course. Dear Dr. @vjreddi thank you so much creating such a community gain up TinyML knowledge. hope every one how can learn and share there experience wit others to make this world to even better place.
Thank you!

hi there :slight_smile:
im from Seattle and spend most of my time developing circuits as a digital engineer, but with a software engineering title… i am generally interested in embedded as well as ai/ml… im also a snowboarding fanatic and would love to find ways to use tinyml to enhance the mountain experience!

Welcome @randika2000e. The thing I love the most about our course is that it has brought together people from all parts of the world; there are over 25,000 students in the course at this time. Imagine if all of us picked up a little something that could bring about global change. It all starts with a tiny step :slight_smile:

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Welcome, I am a computer scientist by training and tinker around with EE all the time :slight_smile:

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Ciao! I am Marco Zennaro, a research scientist at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. I have been working on IoT for long and I am now super excited about TinyML. My research interest is in the use of TinyML for applications in Developing Countries (I gave courses about IoT in 35 different countries).


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Hey All! excited to connect with fellow enthusiasts in the embedded ml space :). I am from Silicon Valley and work in tech as an engineer (AI, healthcare, and more), including having founded a company in the tinyml space (hotg.ai). I am not new to this space but the Cambrian explosion of sensors that is oncoming is an obvious market for tinyml to capture. Democratizing ways to build more resilient tinyml models and building tools for any developer (without knowledge of embedded devices or ML) is the future I am working on and would love to work with others interested in this.

I love @vjreddi course in how practical it is so far! Excited for the 3rd part where all the magic happens.

All the tech doesn’t leave much time for sports no :wink: - fitness/tennis/cricket in that order perhaps!

Hi, everyone!

My name is Carlos and I am from Brazil

I am a civil engineer, but I work as tax auditor for the State of Sao Paulo, where I use ML and databases for my work.

To skills? Well, maybe Python/Pandas/ML and electronics (as a hobby).

My attraction to TinyML: well, I just love breadboards, soldering and electronic components. Joining these things with ML is just fantastic. I am now midways in the Applications of TinyML course.

TinyML in the future: hard to say. But I envision a brilliant future for it.

Joining this community seems to be a rush of fresh air and a wealth of info.

Sports: well, tennis has been my sport of choice since my childhood. Food: my wife and me love to cook, she makes fantastic ice creams and risottos, I prepare sourdough bread and pizzas. We also ride motorcycles.

Pictures: I love photography and travel, maybe you can have a look at our traveling blog, www.subanagarupa.com . It is written in Portuguese - nothing that Google can’t cope with.

Thanks for creating this community, Vijay!


Hello, Everyone!

My name is Prabuddh and I’m a pre-final year student of Integrated Bachelors-Masters course in CSE at Gautam Buddha University. I have worked on Blockchain Development in past and it’s my primary field of interest. Also, I started with the TinyML specialization from the last week of 2020 with no prior experience in ML & embedded systems, but I found the TinyML specialization very helpful (but most importantly interest catching) and I can’t wait to explore how diverse set of real-world applications can be built and implemented for efficient use-cases. I plan to use this valuable knowledge in real-world applications built in conjunction with Blockchain Technology, TinyML & Embedded Systems. Last but not least, I’m looking forward to contributing to the community in the best way possible and make valuable connections with great people here.


Thanks for joining! I thought you might have some strong thoughts and ideas around TinyML4D: TinyML for Developing Countries. Looking forward to your input there! I hope we can rally a bunch of people to support a TinyML4D community who can help build things.

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