TinyML Community Overview + Guidelines

Hi everyone, welcome to the TinyML Community, our official forum for all things TinyML! Here you’ll find lively discussion from friendly TinyML learners, enthusiasts, teachers, and professionals.

The TinyML Community is a place where participants help each other learn more about TinyML, discuss cool project ideas, disseminate know-how, and share opportunities in TinyML. All are welcome, and we want this to be a fun, pleasant experience for everyone.

Before posting, please…

  • Visit the Top page to see the most actively discussed topics in the last year/month/week.
  • Visit the Categories page to get a broad overview of what’s going on.
  • Search before opening a new topic about a problem, as someone may have already asked/answered the same question.

How to post a new topic (thread)

Note: You must be logged in to post! You can log in or create an account using the “Log in” button in the navbar near the top of the screen.

  1. Click on the “New Topic” screenshot_20210126_090041 button on the home page.
  2. The topic/reply editor will then pop up.
  3. Pick the category which best fits your topic (see below).
  4. Enter your topic title and body, and click on the “Create Topic” button.

Pro tip: Check out this post for a how-to guide on formatting Discourse posts in Markdown.


  • General Discussions - Not sure where to put your post or want to talk about whatever? General Discussions is the right place.
  • Getting Started - Welcome to TinyMLx, a place where you can learn about all things related to embedded machine learning.
  • Projects - Showcase your TinyML projects! Include video links, posts, etc. to share your work with the broader community.
  • Education - A place to share educational resources and topics to learn from one another. Especially great for teachers, coaches, and anyone interested in TinyML education.
  • Careers - All things related to getting hired in the TinyML marketplace. Post a job, hire an intern, share your openings. Let’s build a TinyML engineering community.
  • Site Feedback - This is your community. Share your thoughts on how we can organize the site better and improve it.

After posting, what next?

Feel free to interact with your fellow community members through the replies to your topic! We expect everyone to “Be excellent to each other”; please flag the Moderators by using @moderators if you feel uncomfortable or need help at any point.


We look forward to creating a vibrant, supportive TinyML community with you!