I am a new member to this forum. Thanking Harvard and edx for offering this wonderful TinyML course

Hello, I am Naraynan Gururajan from Bangalore INDIA. I am an IT Hardware Engineer with vast 25+ years of technical experience with major Indian MNC - WIPRO. I was into Computer and Peripheral hardware manufacturing operations, Embedded SW testing lab operations and facilities mgmt., Conducting Benchmarking tests on IT Peripheral products etc. I have been looking around to upgrade my skillset into something niche and TinyML came as the strong recommendation from one of my mentor who was into VLSI which I accepted readily. I am very excited to be part of this enlightened community that is keen to adapt this promising technology as their integral part of life.

Hi, my name is Hugh Patterson., I too was very involved in computer technology. I started designing and building IoT devices and decided TinyML was the way to go regarding improving my devices. I took the first three courses offered and will finish the 4th course (not part of the TinlyML Professional Certificate) after I finish the data science courses. Since I have to employ datasets, I decided to get certified in Data Analytics, which I now am, and take Data Science classes. Great to see you here!