MakeIT channel first tutorial

Hello everybody :grinning:,

I am glad to announce you the launch of my project : MakeIT.

MakeIT YouTube channel that will contain many tutorials about AI, Machine Learning, working with Frameworks, microcontrollers, 3D printing, IOT
The main goal of this Youtube channel is to make tutorial about thing that I have never found on the web.
There will not be a lot of theorical details because there are already many great videos dedicated to this but here we’ll focus on how to MakeIT !

Here is the first video of this channel, it talks about deploying a simple neural network, that does linear regression onto a Arduino nano 33 BLE sense. In this tutorials I show you how to create you neural network using Tensorflow and Google colaboratory. Then we deploy the model using Visual Studio code and PlatformIO IDE.
The linear regression is inspired from @vjreddi’s courses from edX. An awesome program with 3 courses I have attended ! I really encourage you to follow it !

Next tutorial will be : “How to forecast weather with Arduino nano 33 BLE sense ?” So stay tunned !

Video : How to deploy linear regression on Arduino nano 33 BLE sense ?

I hope that would be useful for you !

The YouTube channel : here.
Github : here

Baptiste Zloch


In your video you say you are interested in astronomy, I wonder what interesting use cases we have of TinyML in space :thinking:

Well I think there are large number of use cases in space industry, aeronautics… Such as predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, or image classification.
I am most specialized in astrophotography and image processing. Where in image processing there are more deep learning use cases with for instance denoising, or sharpening with autoencoder (I am working on developing that and adding it to my workflow). But not particularly in TinyML for image processing.

Here is my website :

Baptiste Zloch