New TinyML experiences from Google Creative Lab

Check out these, which you might find interesting…

Which one is your favorite? Mine is the Finger UI.


Thanks for the links @vjreddi. I especially like the Teachable Machine style with its ease-of-use interface. Without doubt I will try them out!

I agree. The teachable machine style is great. Also, know that you can go from the teachable machine to deploying on the microcontroller. Let me know if you or someone else gives it a try. I’m yet to do it myself :slight_smile:

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I did all three and I had the most fun with Air Snare. The ardy in the silicon sleeve is nearly as long as my finger so I’m modding a leather glove to hold it for the tiny motion trainer. I did manage to capture a clutch with the finger user interface so that was fun seeing the model graphed.

I want to get the air snares working so I guess I will need to a second nano 33.

I couldn’t get the website to work through my phones bluetooth, if I can’t get it working I’ll try adding bluetooth to my pc.

In the air snare animation they have some plastic clip and batteries. Is that something that can be 3D printed and where can I find batteries like that?

Great. Plenty of clever thinking there. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Has anyone been able to successfully deploy a teachable machine computer vision model to an Arduino Nano BLE 33? I’ve been trying but have not had success.