Using the tiny_conv model for image classification tasks

I am trying to build a image classification model and deploy it onto the MCU. I have tried building my custom model and deploying. When the serial monitor is opened, it says that “Invoke() failed after Initialization failed”. I think it is because of the memory constraints imposed by the MCU. So I was thinking of using the tiny_conv model that we used for performing classification of spectograms in KWS. But I was not able to find any resouce using tiny_conv model for performing image classification. Can you please share some resources that I can use ?

Thank you

You likely need to expand the tensor arena to get over that Invoke() failure. And I don’t have an example handy of using tiny_conv for image classification but/and you can totally try it. Edge Impulse also has an object detection tutorial with a default model architecture you could try to use: Dashboard - Tutorial: object detection - Edge Impulse