Tiny Machine Learning on HarvardX - 2nd Q&A/AMA - April 13th @ 12pm EST

Hi Everyone!

On April 13th, we will be hosting our 2nd TinyML AMA/Q&A session!

About the Event

This is an opportunity to hop on a call with us to ask anything you want!

In the first AMA , we introduced the staff so that you got to know the team behind the scenes. If you missed the event, you could still watch it here: TinyML Q&A (March 18th) on Vimeo. If we didn’t answer your question online, we took the time to write our responses offline, so check them out here: Tiny Machine Learning on HarvardX Q&A / AMA on March 18th @ 430pm EST - #45 (i.e., this thread)

In the second AMA , we’ll dive right into some interesting special topics and open the floor for general Q&A. If you have a topic you’d like to discuss, please drop us a note here on Discuss.

Event Details

April 13th (Tuesday at 9am), online via Zoom.

Please register by clicking the link below:

Last time we had a healthy turn out of over 150 people. So we are looking forward to some old timers and new faces. We moved the schedule up to accommodate different timezones!

See you soon!


VJ & Staff.


Are there any models that use CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) to operate on the spectrogram before feeding into a neural network? For example for keyword spotting. Any benefits?

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Greetings Vijay and Tiny great team! :slight_smile:

First of all, my sincere congratulations for the amazing content!:fist_right:t4::sparkles::fist_left:t3:

My question would be quite personal: how could I frame the knowledges I am getting from the course in my particular case?

This course is my first approach in so detailed way, I never programmed before and I am actually willing to learn the most I can do and hit some personal challenges so I could find a job in IT world. I would love by the end of the course to be able to understand how could Tiny ML be useful in actual work streams (in Spain ML is just really waking up now), to get closer to ML and the most important: to be able to use my actual interpersonal connection skills to connect the most technical part of a team with the less technical part. I mean something like Scrum Master in Agile.

Do you think this would be a good idea for my personal framing? Thank you in advance and thank you for being so clear in your explanations, your enthusiasm lifts the spirit!

Hi Everyone,

Here are the slides from our AMA yesterday:

In the near future, we will get around to posting responses for the Q&A.

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It was great talking to you on the call Inga, in the future we should just do an interactive session as that was quite interesting even for me to directly chat with you folks. Thanks for sticking around after the 1hr block!

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Is the video being posted?

Hi @wesman The video folks are editing it, and we will be sure to upload it soon.