Trying to deploy my custom object detection model using esp32cam

im trying to delpoy my custom object detection model with (2 classes) on ESP32CAM but i facing so many errors, and couldnt if there is any tutorial or video than can help me. any help would be great.

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I know that @mjrovai has had success with the esp32cam before. For example, ESP32-CAM: TinyML Image Classification - Fruits vs Veggies -

i have seen this before but he is using edge impulse im using yolov5 and colab cuz when i tried edge impulse the model map was so low i dont know why. plus its object detection.

Ah gotcha well unfortunately I don’t have much experience with the ESP32s but hopefully someone else can jump in and help!

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Hi, @saeedbenadeeb101 and @brian_plancher, I also never tried Object Detection on ESP32CAM, but I am not sure that the device has enough memory to run a Yolo5 model on it. How much is the size of your model? That’s why Edge Impulse comes with FOMO that, in the end, uses a modified Image Classification model (smaller model) as a basis for object detection.

Hi, @mjrovai. My model tflite model size is 400kb and when i convert to .h model its 2.69mb

Hi. The ESPCAM has only 520KB of SRAM, which should be the main problem besides the CPU’s low capability. If you need Object detection running fully on a Tiny device, I suggest the Seeed Grove Vision AI Module (Getting Started - Seeed Wiki). It is a $26.00 module with a Himax HX6537-A processor, thumb-size AI-powered OV2640 camera sensor, supporting YoloV5. I tested a project using Roboflow ( to annotate my dataset and create a YoloV5 object detection model. The inference was done entirely on the device and worked well. You can follow the tutorial Vision AI Train Own Model - Seeed Wiki.

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Hi, I appreciate your suggestion to run on Seeed Grove Vision module, but the i noticed that on ESP32CAM library there is like a face detection model, but the resolution needs to be less than 320x240, that’s why i trained my model on 240x240 so i can deploy my model on ESP32CAM, but when i tried to deploy i didn’t find any guide on how to do so. plus, do u think if i can reduce the file size more than that i can deploy my model, if yes what should the size to run on ESP32CAM. the module u suggested is not available on Malaysia and delivery from overseas could take more than 6 weeks that’s why I’m trying to run on ESPCAM.