TinyML and Google's Project Euphonia

After going through Google’s Project Euphonia, I have decided to work on a project which could help individuals with a wide array of conditions like ALS and Cerebral Palsy.
The aim of the project is to detect simple keywords (if possible to support the detection of some facial expressions in the future) and then take some action.

I feel that any small thing that could give them independence in life is of great value.

I would like to hear the community’s opinion on the feasibility of this idea.


The project idea sounds interesting and feasible.

:pray: Can’t agree more with you @saicharank.

:+1: to the idea. Sounds absolutely awesome.

Thanks for sharing the project – I didn’t know about the project, always great to learn new things from people.

Project link: Google's Project Euphonia - Team Gleason

I would LOVE it if you all and did this for Course 3 project!!! See details below, might have a good chance to get visibility and win and make a big difference at the same time.

Thanks for sharing your view on the project idea and also for your encouragement @vjreddi . It means a lot.
I am still midway in course 2 and planning on completing course 3 as well.
Will put my heart and soul into making this project a reality.

Encourage you to try and find like minded people.

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Yes will add this project idea in the “Finding a team for TinyML project” thread.

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