Tiny ml 3 faulty ov camera

You told me to reach out to you here.
I have bought the kit from the arduino website as the course recommends and recieved a faulty camera. Anything you can do to help?

Hi @Hannasaade, thanks for your patience – been dealing with several deadlines till today.

Yes, can you please send me your address so that I can have another kit shipped to you ASAP?

Depending on where you are, sometimes the new parts might take a while to arrive. But I do want to make sure you have a good experience.

Thank you for your care.
I live in lebanon, may i send you my address details privately somewhere? email maybe?

Ah yes, of course. You can send me a private message here.

I didn’t realize this was sitting in general discussions channel!

Hello again,
This a private message now?

Nope – it is not :slight_smile: So I deleted your message with details.

i was trying to delete it, thanks
when i tried to send a private message it gave me an error that i can’t send to this user.

You got my details right?