Anyone suffering from long delay of DHL delivery of TinyML Kit?

Good morning!

Is there anyone suffering from long delay of DHL delivery of TinyML Kit? I have been waiting for more than 3 weeks and still my tracking enquiry says “en route,” without any further details.

Moreover, I emailed DHL several times and they replied “The latest status of your shipment shows that an electronic notification was received on 9 February. Kindly be informed that we have not yet received the parcel from your shipper. Once we receive your parcel from your shipper, we will dispatch it.”

I really wonder how it can be “en route” on the tracking website while they say “we have not yet received the parcel from your shipper.”

I also contacted Arduino Store by email, and they said they already sent the kit to DHL. After several emails with DHL and Arduino Store, I am now not sure what I should do. Probably just wait? Does anyone have similar experience?

Hi @jsong

I also had more than 3 weeks delay. For me also the tracking said “en route” for this period. However, I got an affirmative statement from DHL and I could begin tracking with the local tracking number. It seems DHL delivers the item via local post.

Probably you can track the item in your national post using the local tracking number.

Thank you for your reply. In my case DHL even does not provide local tracking number. At the moment I enquired Arduino to help double-check whether they sent the kit to DHL. I am keep waiting. I hope get the kit soon!

Just curious folks, where is this kit being deployed to? It would help Arduino know where the delays exist as they can then find distributors if there is enough demand for it.

Hi @vjreddi . Good morning! Mine was ordered to South Korea.

Finally received the kit after more than 1 month. It was not trackable on DHL eCommerce for the whole period. I hope this might help others who also suffer from the similar delivery problem.

Thank you for sharing the update. We are working with Arduino to help make some of these things smoother for delivery by having local distributors since there is a lot of interest in the kit now.