The course 3 kit

Hello @vjreddi sir, you had asked me to contact you here regarding the kit but I don’t see a way to post privately. Pls let me know how to do that.

Hello! I was asked the same thing by @vjreddi some hours ago. I’m in Monterrey, Mexico, so a local distributor would be appreciated. If not, a supplier with the 49.99 USD price (like in the Arduino store) would be perfect, because it would just avoid being withheld by customs (any imported item to Mexico valued 50 USD and up would imply a duty tax and some tedious bureaucracy).

Using the ESP-EYE or the STM32F407G-DISC1 for the course would be a bit of a challenge for getting them to work, but could be the better solution since I already have them. In any case, I’m up for the challenge of porting the course’s files for these devboards (famous last words? :joy:), and am eager to know about Arduino TinyML Kit suppliers.

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

@brian_plancher (course staff) suggested asking about this here also. Since Arduino doesn’t make any information available on when they might have another kit in, with ongoing global hardware shortages, this might be a few months delay (and we’ll still have to wait for shipping times on top of that).

My preference is a course 3 deadline extension. I cannot complete the course I’ve paid for since the materials are currently not available, and after completing course 2 soon, I’d like to take another class while waiting for the course 3 kit to become available.

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@mitchdshawn If you paid for the certificate there is no expiration of the course – edX may claim something but that’s just not true – you should have access forever! It is only if it is free that there then is the 6 week limit per logged in user account.

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Excellent to hear that, thanks. I’ve emailed Edx support for instructions ahead of time to make sure there are no problems with this on their end with extensions as needed. I did indeed pay for the course to earn the certificate.

Awesome! I think you should be all set then! This worldwide semiconductor shortage is really a pain!

I too had the problem with the kit availabilty and was worried about making the course deadline. Thanks for clearing that up although theTinyML page does say that the dates aren’t written in concrete and that after Oct 27, it will be archived and not graded. Earlier, in Course 2, I bought a Arducam TinyML kit for a Rasberry Pi Pico. It is similar to the official kit and made to also do the person detection, audio detection and magic wand. Can I use this device and will it interfere my testing which is based on other hardware?

If you are on a free audit account you have a set number of weeks to access the course – per unique user account which I believe is tied to a unique email address – if you paid – you have lifetime access and I think that date is simply edX trying to get you to finish faster with gamification

As for the hardware – all of our deployment examples for course 3 rely on the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense – but/and since all Arduino code is just C++ – as long as the device is support by TFMicro you can adjust the examples to support your hardware I/O and they should work. You can find the latest list of supported devices here: TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers. Alternatively if you have a full Pi running linux you can probably also just adjust the examples to use TFLite or just TF on linux. All of our Arduino examples can be found here: GitHub - tinyMLx/arduino-library


Could I deploy to an Android phone for course 3?

I’d happily get a kit but they are out of stock in the US with no date on when they will be back in stock.

Unfortunately, all of our deployment examples for course 3 rely on the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense – that said you can complete about 70% of the course and learn all of the core content without the kit – and then you could deploy to hardware when they do become available! The Sense in particular has been hit really hard by supply chain shortages as it has so many different little sensors that are all backlogged – I know they have most of the sensors back in stock now so hopefully the full device will be ready soon!