The good way to connect Arduino nano 33 BLE sense to internet?

Since I need microphone for KWS purpose, it’s no good to switch to nano 33 IoT.
Anyone can suggest which module should I use, or should I with the help of another MCU to connect to the internet?

Thie WIO Terminal has bluetooth and wifi!

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it may be too expensive and need spend effort to recoding to use an new mcu, will there be something like extended module for nano 33 BLE sense?

There are lots of wifi modules out there you can use (here is one example of how you can use rx/tx to work with a wifi module) – you could also use bluetooth to connect to another device that supports wifi that you already have (e.g., a laptop)

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To get something cheap and available – I would search on google for what is best for your region of the world – and then go look for a tutorial explaining how to use it with an arduino!