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Hello Everyone,
After taking the TinyML courses I want to play around with the Arduino Nano and create a small network of devices (ie. using two humidity sensors/two Arduinos), be able to take signals from the sensors, and take an action.
My questions are:

  • How to create a network that allows communication? I am thinking of the humidity sensors in the Nanos plus a ‘brain’ that controls them like another Arduino or a Raspberry Pi. I am currently looking for more information on this.
  • While I create the network it feels that it closes the loop of TinyML, and I am creating at the end an ‘IoT-Edge’ application, is this correct?
  • If planning to use these electronic devices at home or at a factory I think there will be regulations for electric/electronic devices, does anyone knows more about this?

Hi @andresm ,

You can consider using BLE for this purpose.

I’m not sure if I understood this correctly, but yes once you get the Nano communicating with the Raspberry PI, you can route the data through the Raspberry Pi to the internet so I guess its correct.

These regulations usually vary based on geographical locations, however I think it is more relaxed with BLE since it is short ranged.


Appreciate your feedback @DanielDsouza. I am also interested in more resources to set up the network of sensors, in case you are aware of any. Also, regarding the regulations (I am in North America) I am wondering if there is any for electronic devices like the Nanos? Thanks again!

This might be helpful to you
How to Send Data between PC and Arduino using Bluetooth LE – (ladvien.com)

My team is also working on a video tutorial on using the BLE on the Nano BLE sense, hopefully, it should be out within the next two weeks, will keep you updated.

I am working on another software at the side which is currently focused on data collection and uses the UART serial communication

I am considering adding BLE as well for the data transfer, will share the relevant resources as I work on the BLE feature.


@mjrovai I think you did some neat stuff connecting the RasPi to the Arduino. Could you please share your videos and links here as that might be helpful for @andresm


Hi @andresm, In this article, I explored capturing data directly from RPi and send them to an IoT cloud repository (ThinkSpeak):


Here is an older one, where I also got data from an Arduino Nano, passing the data to RPi, via Serial:

(But the ideal with a Nano BLE would be sending collected data remotely thru BLE to RPi)

I used the above approach on the below project. It is old (2016) but I had a lot of fun doing it. Including, at the time, Raspberry Pi magazine did a very funny article about it:

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In this project:

I captured humidity data both from air and soil, sending them to an IoT cloud application

In this case, you could use the Nano instead of the Uno, but connecting it to an Esp-01 to get wifi connectivity or use a new Arduino Nano BLE IoT, that has WiFi connectivity. Only this board has a Cortex-M0+ CPU (the one used in our curse, the SENSE has Cortex-M4, plus mic).

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Sure! Glad to do it! :wink:

Thanks @DanielDsouza , I will review this information in the next few days and look forward to making some progress.

Hi @mjrovai, I will review your messages, thanks for the information!

Hi @andresm ,

As promised , here’s a very short video tutorial on getting started with BLE

Arduino TinyML Kit Tutorial #5: BLE Communication on the Nano 33 BLE - YouTube