Spanish Translation of TinyML notes and workshops

Hi Everyone, my name is Andres and I am interested in spreading the word about TinyML in Spanish-speaking countries, and anyone else that wants to learn but who finds a language barrier with the course materials written in English (plus videos, etc.). As you know this can create additional difficulties for anyone not fluent in the English language.
Then, if you know Spanish and want to collaborate please reply to this message and also come and join us in the TinyML4D channel, where VJ and a group of volunteers (including me) are collaborating with this task and many other topics. Our main goal to make TinyML accessible to people in under-developed countries and this translation along with many other activities in the group may help us achieve it.

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:raised_hands: @andresm.

Following up on what @andresm said, members should feel free to join the group to get access to google drive: