Nordic Semi at Embedded World 2021

For anyone interested, Nordic (the people who make the nRF52840 chip on the Nano BLE board) are offering several presentations as part of the Embedded World 2021 digital conference next week. Specifically, there is a presentation about ML cohosted by Edge Impulse on March 2. The presentation is free to register for and can be found here:

I have no connection with either company, just thought it might be interesting. There are also many other presentations by other vendors scheduled at Embedded World which relate to AI, TinyML and microcontrollers next week. I expect to have my hands full with edX Course 3 so I don’t know if I’ll see them.

If anyone checks it out and there is a presentation that shouldn’t be missed please let us know.


Awesome, thanks for sharing!

The talks on Talking to Amazon Alexa sure look exciting!