Edge Impulse course

Yet another awesome resource for learning about embedded machine learning folks!

Great to see more academic outreach efforts spurting up. Hope folks find it useful and helpful.


Hi @vjreddi,

I checked this course on coursera. Takes a different approach. Appears to be a bit fast paced.

Incidentally, they are providing a discount code for purchasing the boards from Arduino.cc for a 10 per cent discount. I am not sure if the code can be used by any one or just those registered for the course.

I think it should be possible even for the EdX course registrants, they might agree to provide similar discount. After all, the TinyML Kit is co-branded with EdX.

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Hi @moulipc,

Thanks for sharing your take on the course! That’s helpful. But how did you finish the course so fast?! I barely had time to look through the syllabus the other day :slight_smile:

IMO, it is great to have multiple courses that contribute to the same general theme/topic. We all learn differently, so I am excited that they are doing that.

Zach Shelby who is one of the founders of Edge Impulse was also an academic like me, so I can totally see why he wants to help push these courses out. There are plenty of ways to teach people TinyML and there are plenty of ways to learn it to.

In our edX course, we focus very heavily on the (1) end-to-end aspects of TinyML, and not just the ML model. What makes or breaks the use cases are really the pre- and post-processing, and all the data set issues. Hopefully that’s something that comes through nice and strongly.


I spent around six hours and completed the Week-1 course, using EdgeImpulse created multiple data sets, created models, trained and downloaded the model, imported into Arduino IDE. When tried to compile ran into issues with long path names. Figuring out the issue.

The course is really interesting with practice oriented approach.

EdX course on the other hand, tries to make the foundations of TinyML very strong. In fact, every day, I am re-visiting Course-1 (Fundamentals) and each time I revise a topic, I understand something new - a concept, a jargon, a terminology, or a whole new perception of the topic. I will continue to do this till my audit access expires. An it is with this foundational knowledge, I was able to complete the Edgeimpulse course so fast.

I expect to complete the remaining two modules of Edge impulse course in a couple of days.