No Code TinyML Platforms

On Friday (2/19/22), I joined a Zoom presentation by a company called Neuton TinyML ( Their tagline…“Automatically build extremely tiny and explainable models without any coding and machine learning background and embed them into any microcontroller”.

While a no-code TinyML platforms sound intriguing, I was wondering if anyone in the Community has experience using this or something like it. Aside from watching the demo, I have not spent a lot of time with it.


Hi, I’ve been addressed by them too. They reached out to me through Linkedin because they saw that I was enrolled in the TinyML course and they invited me to a zoom call. But I refused because it seemed to me that all they wanted was to sell me their product/services.

Not to say that this product isn’t bad (indeed it looks really promising), but from the student’s point of view I’m not interested in using it or any similar product. Because all it claims is to abstract away everything that we learn in this course.

But, as a solution for companies with limited expertise on the TinyML field, I see a huge potential and it makes sense. The same applies to other concepts like AutoML.

I’ve had some good experiences with edge impulse:

Agreed @Chaplin5…from a learning POV it is not that interesting. As the CTO of a fast growing company managing a number of initiatives requiring asset management at the edge, I am trying to weed through all that’s available. I will take a look at EdgeImpulse as well. Thanks @ajosephau.

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Edge Impulse does allow you to click “expert mode” and manually write the code OR do the whole no-code flow so it might be a nice happy medium in that way!

I’ll have a look. Thanks @brian_plancher and @ajosephau.

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