[MakeIT] How to deploy SK-learn model on ESP8266/Arduino?

Hello everybody,

I am glad to announce you another tutorial on my YouTube channel ! Sorry for the long delay since my previous video.

This tutorial is about deploying a machine learning model from SciKit-learn on an ESP8266. The aim of this tutorial is to give you the keys to understand how to deploy a really weightless #machinelearning model using a simple pipeline with not a lot of code.
So you will learn how to create and train the model using Python and Google colaboratory. Then how to deploy the model using Microsoft Visual Studio code and PlatformIO Labs IDE extension.

Don’t know yet for the next tutorial but the purpose will be probably API using flask, Arduino file system (LittleFS, SPIFFS) or Asyncwebserver. Stay tuned :wink:

Video here

Hope you will enjoy it ! If you have any feedback, request, suggestion, please feel free to reach out :wink:.

Baptiste Zloch from France