How to search for TinyML research topics to tackle

Good morning. I have been learning TinyML via edX courses and it’s very fun. So I hope find a meaningful research topic related to TinyML and tackle the problem.

However, as always, finding a good problem is harder than finding a good answer. May I ask your advice, suggestions, and/or tips for finding such research problems on TinyML?

When you say research do you mean for a product, or for academic research?

@vjreddi Thank you for your reply. It’s for academic research. I am a part-time PhD student and I hope do research on TinyML.

Good question, a list of research topics that can be subject for a research project proposal.

Oh my… hmm. this gives me an idea for an upcoming talk. Perhaps I can identify a list of topics that are still open problems for research in tinyML. I can’t say it will be comprehensive or complete, but it may be a starting point. I will be sure to share it with you guys when I have the deck ready.

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From our side we focus on level TRL3 up to TRL6.


I am a part time doctoral student and i hope to do university research in tinyml. can you propose me any open problems for searching in TinyMl or any tips, suggestions or tricks to find searching problems on TinyMl please.

Thank you

yes, me too… I have been learning TinyML via edX courses and it’s very very happy.