EdX Course Slides?

Hi @vjreddi and all,

thanks for the great edX course.

I wonder if any lecture slides are available?

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I get that question a lot. Let me circle back to you on that after we kick-off course 3 as we are still wrapping up some loose ends there. Once that closes, then we might be able to figure a way to make the slides available.

Sorry, I know that that’s probably not the answer you are looking for but that’s the best for now :slight_smile:

I’d really love to make all the content open, so that we can share it publicly. Our ideal wish is that others can take the material we have put together and build new material for it.


Thanks for the quick reply!

If that’s an option, making the material CC BY-SA would be great :slight_smile:

(I’m teaching software engineers at an applied science university and plan an “Embedded ML” course.)

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@tamberg I’m also planning on starting to post some syllabi, labs/assignments, etc. once we wrap Course 3. At a minimum I should be able to get some of the material VJ and I used for the Harvard Graduate course we taught in the fall. I threw up a blank repository as a placeholder for now. I’m hoping that overtime we can start to fill it with materials from many courses people teach on the topic to make it easier for others to adapt. If you want to help contribute some of your materials as well after you create your course that would be awesome!


We can certainly share some of the materials we have developed under that license.

The sticky one would be sharing any edX materials, as the “Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.” will likely bug them — esp. the commercial part.

Is there any other license that excludes the commercial part? If you let us know that’d be great to follow-up on.


share some of the materials



The “non-commercial” part is, unfortunately, rather tricky.

Creative Commons offers a non-commercial clause:

But if you add it, it’s not an open license, see

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P.S. It seems that edX is not necessarily opposed to Creative Commons:

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That’s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing that link. It is good to know there is a pathway here. Now I just have to see how this ties into HarvardX – but I promise I will work on that @tamberg.

The first and important link they have on that edX website where they say “edX license chooser. edX has also developed this step-by-step guide for course authors and a learners guide on adding CC licenses to courses and videos” is not working. :frowning:

If you or others other useful resources like this, please do share. I’d love for us to figure out how to this one out.

Here’s a licensing example from my own course on “IoT Engineering”:
https://github.com/tamberg/fhnw-iot#license (CC BY-SA for content, CC0 or MIT License for code)
http://www.tamberg.org/fhnw/2020/hs/IoT01Introduction.pdf (CC BY-SA, Screenshots considered “fair use”.)

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Were these materials used in edX or you mean that that’s the license you are using to release the materials? Just trying to understand if we have an example where someone has gone down the path with edX.

Just a licensing example. Not on EdX :slight_smile:

Hello @vjreddi I would also like to ask if not taking the challenge test wont be detrimental to our learning (by our, I mean those of us that can afford to pay for the course). Thank you

Hi, sorry I don’t follow. Are you requesting that this tests be more challenging? I always welcome constructive critical feedback, so feel free to be candid – it is the best way for us to improve things.

Sorry if I lost you there. I meant to say that I don’t have access to the challenge tests included in chapters of the course (reason: I can’t afford the payment required for full access). I hope it has no adverse effect on my learning if I don’t partake in those challenges. Thank you for your time.

Hi @vjreddi : I have just finished Course 1 and doing Course 2 now. Your teaching is superb. I don’t need any shortcuts to any course slides. I prefer to go all the way the right way - learning one by one and slowly. Happy to follow you as I share your enthusiasm.

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Hi @anarunda, thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. There are some awesome folks like @brian_plancher and @cbanbury helping us behind the scenes, so it takes a team to get it all together for you folks to consume and learn! Thanks again.

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Ah, now I understand @aaminu. You are getting all the material and there is no learning material that you are missing out with the tests. Think of the tests that aren’t available in the audit version as something that simply cause you to pause and reflect. If you do the same yourself, you will pretty much be getting the same experience as the rest of the learners who are paying.