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Hi everyone,

I am new to this community, and i was wondering if someone could help me amswer some of my questions. Im sorry if this is not the channel to do this kind of questions but couldn’t find another place to do so.

I am an Industrial engineering student from Chile cursing my last year of career and i had just finished the TinyML course in the edX platform. I was thinking about doing my final project (Thesis) to graduate about a research in some concepts of the TinyML, a research to probe the feasibility of creating my own datasets. And using the skills and hardware used across the TinyML course test. To do this do i need some kind of licenses, and some copyright access or maybe there’s a process to ask for that in the edX platform.

Thanks In advance.

I’m sorry, I don’t fully understand your question, what data are you trying to get licenses for? Generally that is managed by whomever owns the data and most companies have their own specific rules and regulations.

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Hi @Vicente. I live in Santiago, Chile and also teach TinyML at an University in Brazil. May I help you? You can reach me at
Saludos cordiales

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Hi! Thanks for your answer in such a short notice.

I want to do a research and try to create my own dataset to provide into the TinyML model and obtain and interpret the results. Basically, my question is that if there is any kind of copyright issues if I use the TinyML hardware that we use during the course in the edX platform. Do I have to ask any kind of legal authorization to someone (like edX) in order to use this hardware, and the knowledge I gathered in the course ?

Hola, gracias por tu respuesta y voluntad por ayudarme. Yo estudio en la Universidad de Santiago y espero poder comenzar con mi Tesis durante el mes de Marzo, recien estoy en la etapa inicial en donde busco hacia donde quiero direccionar la investigación y tu opinión me serviría mucho, te excribiré un mail para estar en contacto.

De antemano muchas gracias !

Glad you are going to connect with Marcelo! He’ll for sure clarify things AND there shouldn’t be any issues with using the hardware to collect your own data – the only thing edX has copyright on are the educational materials themselves. Using the knowledge is not protected! And the hardware you purchased is yours now so you own it! :slight_smile:

OK. Diga-me como puedo ayudarlo (mejor enviarme un correo normal). Un abrazo