Carrier path for QA automation engineer with TinyML knowledge

Hi Everyone, Good day. I would like request information regarding the career path for an Test Automation engineer, who like to explore TinyML.

My Query : I had always have this burning question, for general different (cloud/onPrem) commercial applications, we use to perform some testing cycle to make application has no bugs and run smoothly in production environment.

When comes to AI/Machine Learning zone, how could we perform testing of these applications? and also how do we explore new career path, when comes to 'supervised / Un-supervised learning" type of AI / ML projects ?

Very interesting question. I will be following this thread hoping to find an answer with you :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

Thank you for asking these questions. We are actually going to host a AMA session where we connect the learner community with the developer community in the coming few weeks. So stay tuned for that as I think that will address your questions and also open up several new opportunities to work together.

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