AI Embedded in Sensors

This is an area at the cutting edge. How AI is Taking on Sensors


Good article. Thanks for sharing, There are some very exciting ideas and applications for moving more of the AI out to the edge on sensors as described here.

Thanks @Ron for sharing the article.

I found this tidbit interesting. A self-learning gyroscope!

BOSCH recently released its BHI260AP, which is a self-learning 3-axis gyroscopic sensor. As it operates, it can learn new repetitive behaviours that allow the sensor to recognise new tasks. Instead of being hardcoded into either software or hardware, the self-learning system can look at data that appears incoherent and make sense from it.

@petewarden thought this might pique your interest as well.

That’s definitely an exciting technology, and the article is really well written.
I’ve some doubt on responsibility here.
I’m not sure I like the idea of putting (intelligent) sensors on human body other than for medical care & research reasons.
In particular, I am frightened by the sentences:
“In a classroom setting, head movements can be translated into students’ gaze direction and serve to detect students’ attentiveness during class” (did you read ‘Beneath the Wheel’ by Hesse?)
“where a distracted or tired driver can be alerted through detecting abnormalities in their head motion” (try to replace ‘driver’ with ‘worker’).

I’m not sure national work laws are ready to prevent the abuse of such technology. Should we reflect on this?

I don’t know if I’m off topics here, in this case here’s my excuses in advance.