Interest in software

Hey, I particularly have an interest in the software development of AI. To be specific, yes machine learning is the one I would love to learn more about. But I am not sure if this course if for me, like it involves hardware and I am more of a software development fan. However, the way these things will be developed really interest me. So, I just want some of you to drop your opinions on whether I should take this course or not.

The course focuses mainly on how you can write software that can be deployed to microcontroller hardware. Also we don’t use the hardware kits at all until course 3 – Course 1 covers more of the ML background – Course 2 considers the full application pipeline from data collection to model testing in the cloud – then in Course 3 we focus on what you need to do to deploy the models onto microcontrollers. Finally our new fourth course considers TinyMLOps and what it would take to scale a deployment. So hopefully that helps you better understand whether the course(s) are for you!

So that really helps and I am pretty sure now that I’ll be taking this course but the program I found on edx only consists of three courses. So, would you mind dropping the link for the fourth course. Also, any guesses on when would the kit come back in stock? Thanks

Good news, bad news on the kit stock. Good news, I know of some universities receiving large shipments lately so in theory Arduino is finally able to make some more of them. Bad news, I don’t know when they will be able to make enough to get them into their consumer shop. That said, if you google around I know people have been finding some through resellers in various countries. I hope in general they are available soon!

Course 4 link: