Using Electroencephalography (EEG) signal data with TinyML?

Have you seen some work related to the use of TinyML with EEG signal data? I have found some papers of using CNN’s to clasiffy event related of EEG, they use the approach of voice signals – preprocess the signal either with FFT or wavelet transform then transform it into spectograms to feed the CNN model.
I’m thinking of doing a project like that, using a comercial hardware for EEG and TinyML. Maybe start with some easy classification and later play a video game only using “left” and “right” (like the monkey from neural-link) Have you seen some project like that (besides neural-link)? do you have any thoughts? (no pun intended)

Hi @Renan,

You might find this useful
ECG Analyzer Powered by Edge Impulse -

Thanks @Daniel,

He is using ECG (Electrocardiography), but seems interesting, it’s well documented until the final product, the pipeline workflow and signal processing might be usefull. Thanks! :+1:t4: