TinyMLx Course 3: [Post 3] - Feedback on Project Proposals


As you consider what to work on, it may be helpful to brainstorm with the mindset that nothing (absolutely nothing) is a bad idea, at least at first. Then, evaluate what you’ve come up with more objectively.

Once you or your team have an idea for what you’d like to accomplish in your TinyML Project, we’d encourage you to post a technical project proposal within this thread. We provide a template for proposals below, although this is really only a suggestion, so modify as you see fit.

We’d also suggest that you review and provide feedback for other projects, as this process may help you to consider things that wouldn’t otherwise occur to you for your own project. In doing so, you’d be helping out a fellow member of the community, something I’m sure you’d appreciate yourself.

We can accomplish more, together!

Proposal template

  1. Project name

  2. Team member names, roles (as applicable)

  3. Project summary - a description in a sentence or two (at most)

  4. Longer project description

  5. References (including other code or data), sources of inspiration

  6. Descriptions of the following, at whatever depth you feel is appropriate:
    a. Hardware to be utilized
    b. Data collection
    c. Preprocessing
    d. Model design
    e. Optimizations
    f. In system inference

  7. Issues or roadblocks you envision and potential solutions

  8. The top unresolved question(s) you have at this point

## Important

Please do not create separate threads with a redundant purpose :slight_smile:

Allow this to serve as the official thread for TinyML project proposal feedback.

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