Smart water recovery system - looking for Tiny ML enterpreneur

Hi, tinyML community!

I’m starting a new project that hopefully soon, will become a startup.

At a high level, is a smart (sensor-based) system that “reads” the water parameters from showers and handwashing, and delivers useful insights, including automated treatment decisions, for the water reuse in flushing systems. We have a prototype of the collection, treatment and flushing system, with basic sensors. Now we want to increment the system with more sensors and more intelligence.
I’m an environmental engineer, and I have developed water technology before, including in a startup environment. I have a high level of knowledge of embedded systems and ML, with a little bit of hands-on experience. However, I miss a more skilled person in those areas in our team.
So, I’m looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, that would like to better get to know the project and maybe even join the team!
We are based in Portugal and would be great to have someone in the “neighbourhood”, however, that’s not mandatory. We are three guys in the team in different knowledge areas, so some gender balance would be appreciated! :grin:
We have more than ideas. A business plan, target market, funding strategy, etc. We just missing an accelerated last mile of proof of concept development to get the package ready!

We know you are there :wink:!

Best regards,
Rui Gomes

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