Searching for TinyML project Intern for México

Hello we are searching an intern for a TinyML project that we have in México.
We are the public carrier of the LPWAN connectivity SIGFOX for the hole LATAM area and we are working on a project called :
SIGFOX Device with Battery-Free Long-Range Wireless Smart Camera with TinyML.

We would like to empower new kind of use cases where we will embed tinyml on Battery Free devices to create smart data that are going to be delivered over SIGFOX.
Those use cases are intended to be located in area without main connectivity and also use cases that are going to be massive and need to reach a base price point very low to masify the data created.

Please let me know if i am publishig this request in the good area or if there is another part of the forum.

kind Regards


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Hi Daniel,
Would you please provide a link or more detailed information about your project?

Hello, Daniel,

What would the internship consist of in this search for empowering new use cases? Do you have specific applications in mind?


Here you have more info about the project.

The main goal of this project is to design and development of a battery-less wireless smart image sensor node that has a solar energy harvesting and run tiny ML. The sensor node will send the critical information using a SigFox Module . The project will also design an implementation of onboard face recognition with a neural network-based inference, optimized for ARMCortex-M4F microcontrollers. The final goal of the develop a working prototype achieving perpetual operating conditions in low light indoor conditions sending SigFox messages of relevant information.

The Intern is not going to implement all the project but needs to understand the scope and follow the design and implementation.
He will also engage and evangelize the Sigfox Partner ecosystem with this kind of use case and solutions.

It sounds very interesting. I’m currently developing a product with TinyML in Monterrey, but I’m eager to know about this internship’s goals, responsibilities and benefits. I’m a mechatronics engineer by license, and I’m looking to develop more embedded systems solutions. Let me know more about the project, I’m all ears :slightly_smiling_face:.


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please send me an email to