Run the TinyML examples using a SparkFun Edge

I’m working my way thru Pete Warden’s TinyML book.

On page 6, he suggests using the Sparkfun Edge 2 when it becomes available.

On the web site, the section on the SparkFun Edge 2 Development Board - Artemis is shown as a retired project.

SparkFun Edge 2 Development Board - Artemis
Which Sparkfun should I get to work thru the TinyML examples?

You can still find them here and there. Here’s one one Amazon for 34 USD:

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Hello @halheinrich,

Sparkfun is a good responsible company based on my experience in using their products and support. However, if you haven’t considered the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense board for your TinyML exercises you may at least watch Pete’s videos on leveraging TinyML with this board.

Pete has done extensive later work, especially on training models, with Dr. Reddi’s staff and the ensuing code works well.

Not the answer you were looking for but since you mentioned the Pete’s book, I thought I’d share my experience (book & later developments) too. Thanks.

Kind regards.

I’d prefer to use a board that is still actively supported.

I have the Tiny Machine Learning Kit which includes the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense. I just want to experiment with other boards as well.

The examples from the book are largely incorporated into the examples in the TensorFlow repository now (or at least some of them? I was only going through the micro speech example from the book). In the source you also see more boards that are supported too, so you could have a look at some of those boards as well.

e.g. for the micro_speed example this is the list tensorflow/tensorflow/lite/micro/examples/micro_speech at master · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub

I’ve played around with an ESP32 (an old and unsupported ESP32 board and not the one listed in that above link) - but have got the basic example working.

Thanks for posting the link - it’s good see other microcontrollers up and running.

The Raspberry Pi Pico just arrived here in Calgary

I wonder if it’ll be added to the others on GitHub? Hint, hint :wink: