How are your rigs?

Here is mine - fully DIY style :slight_smile: fully functional on a tiny 3.7V LiPo battery 250mAh. Comfy on a wooden base!
I think the battery needs to be detached before connecting to PC’s USB. Will not risk the board to find out!


Hi, there. Looks great! For those interested, we’ve posted a similar enclosure design for 3D printers, here.

While it never hurts to be cautious, you can have a source tied to Vin and the USB cable plugged in simultaneously. As this schematic shows, there is a diode between the Vusb and Vin that prevents conflict with Vin > Vusb.

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Thank you! And the 3D enclosure looks very good. One thing: the 3D view may give the impression that the Vin can be 9V, given the shape of the battery and type of connector in the drawing - so it could be misleading for the distracted/unaware user. Nice initiative. To cover most applications, the part over the Arduino board may need to be transparent (to catch the LED lights signal visually)

Ah. The MPM3610 step-down converter on the Nano 33 BLE Sense can handle input voltages on Vin in the range from 4.5V to 21V, so a 9V battery is appropriate :slight_smile: I actually forgot to mention that because the actual voltage of a nominally 3.7 LiPo (that you’re using) is below this lower limit for the MPM3610, while your board may turn on, it’s not guaranteed to function as expected. So heads up.

There are strategically placed holes in the enclosure for the camera, reset button, RGB LED, power / tx LEDs, microphone, and APDS9960 gesture, light, and proximity sensor. In limited testing, these openings have been sufficient to avoid meaningful impact to function.


Nice! Thanks for the useful info - very well designed.