Camera module crashing

Hi I have been working on camera sensor test but I cannot copy the hexadecimal values as it crashes my computer and cannot do anything else. I have bought arduino kit from the link you have mentioned in the course. please help me with this issue.

Hi @Myat_Kaung

I had a similar problem with the Arduino IDE crashing on my Mac when I tried to copy the hex values to paste in Colab. What solved the problem for me was to add the following 3 lines to the near the end of the sketch from line 107-109 to print a new line every 16 bytes - hope this helps :smiley_cat: :+1:

if (((i + 2) % 16) == 0) {


Thanks for sharing this tidbit @rain!

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Thanks for setting up this wonderful community forum @vjreddi - so much great content & ideas! :smiley_cat: :zap:

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