What kinds of prerequisite knowledge that i need to start TinyML journey?

I googled about it and it said that i need Embedded system knowledge and Coding (AI) knowledge in order to start TinyML. Now, i already have strong coding skill and i want to ask everyone that "Do i need to learn about Hardware and Electrical? or i can just learn how to use Arduino. (sorry for my english btw) Thank you for every suggestion!

I think best is to start with your “Why”…If that is really strong enough then you know your use case. If you only are learning for passion of learning then start anywhere preferably with hardware, electronics, programming and then move to normal ML and finally TinyML. If some particular use case then depending on that develop your skillset from ground up.

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We designed the edX course series with the hope that anyone can take it – even without any background (beyond some basic programming)! So no I don’t think you need any of that background to get started! To go deep you might need to learn more about those topics later though!