TinyML EMEA conference

The TinyML organization held their virtual EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) conference this week. I was able to spend some time watching the presentations and can recommend them to everyone interested in this field.

The presentations are all in english and are scheduled to be posted on YouTube by the end of June 2021.

Special thanks to our own @vjreddi for his brief but inspiring talk which I feel addressed a mindset for developing TinyML. It came at a good time for me as I am working through an important but less exciting part of my project for the class competition. Thanks Vijay!


Thanks @stephenbaileymagic. Great that you were able to attend the event. Did you have any favorite presentations that we should keep an eye on?

My personal favorites were:

  • The panel discussion on growing TinyML in the EMEA area, for the range of perspectives and the enthusiasm shown by the participants.

  • The presentation by Marvin Ogore who is using TinyML to advance the safety of local water supplies in Africa by training models to detect cholera.

  • And of course, anything with Jan Jongboom who I find to always be an interesting and enthusiastic speaker.

One of the things I have really come to appreciate about TinyML is the opportunity it gives me to get a global perspective and this conference certainly does that.


I just want to thank your website for helping me with my dream I know I have only just started about a week ago but I can’t wait to fully developed my own project

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That’s awesome and welcome to the community. We are all here to learn and grow. So feel free to post questions and get engaged with the community.