The TinyML Book

Looking to learn more about TinyML?

The TinyML Book by Pete Warden (TensorFlow lite lead) and Daniel Situnayake (TinyML Engineer at Edge Impulse) is a practical guide to the emerging field of tiny machine learning.

In it, you will get step-by-step guides to a number of TinyML projects, as well as inside information on TensorFlow lite for microcontrollers framework, and the intuition behind building and designing a TinyML application.


@cbanbury Thank you for your suggestion. how can I get it? I am in ICTP, Trieste, Italy. I need it because I am studying TinyML. I have no any means of payment unless it is $ in cash.

Your help please?

Hi Adugna,

Iā€™d suggest going where you can download the first two chapters for free.

Pete Warden has been kind enough to create free videos for a number of the chapters in the book as well.

@cbanbury thank you for your quick reply. I have got the chapters with the book review.

I need the hard/softcopy of the whole book chapters.

Thank you!.