Tflite on MSP430

I wanted to deploy a SimpleRNN model with one layer onto MSP430 microcontroller. Does MSP430 supports tflite? Is it possible to deploy neural networks onto MSP430?

This is the TI MSP430 I assume? The answer is no because it is a 16 bit MCU, where as TF Micro needs 32 bit MCUs. Also, RNN ops are not supported yet. But any contributions are welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, It is TI MSP430. Are any other frameworks available for 16 bit MCU?
I think custom Ops can be created for RNN, please correct me if I am wrong.

Custom ops can be created. One student in my class ended up mimicking a whole LSTM cell on the arduino. You can find it here:

Look at “Sequence-to-Sequence Models on Microcontrollers Using TFLite Micro”

I do believe there are some frameworks, in fact someone recently got a framework to work on the 8bit UNO. Let me check and see if they are willing to share about it.

If others have ideas, it would be great.

Thank you sir. It is interesting and helpful. If you can also get the information on other frameworks on 8bit or 16bit MCUs, please share. It would be really helpful.