More than 1 MCU

Hi this is Irshad
Just would like to understand if it makes sence to have more than one MCU, the two or three working together for the problem they are tackling?
Much appriciate thoughts.

Hi Irshad,

I hope to start experimenting with using two devices working together soon. My idea is not to try distributed computing with the MCUs, rather having them running two different models which look at the same problem. For example, in anomaly detection for a machine, one chip could be using a microphone for strange sounds, and one chip could be looking for elevated temperatures. If both chips say something is wrong, then something is probably wrong. I am hoping this could be effective in lowering false alarms.

very nice Stephen
So my thought was not too way out (was concerned).
I am still very new to you embedded devices, but am very intrested.
I was thinking that considering the size of the MCU’s that will be small, having to or three in a product would not overly tax [depending on the needs of the solution], but that will allow for addtional horsepower for the solution/product.
I also see your point also, certainly a another way to solving the problems.
Thanks much for the feedback

Have you guys seen this?


Thank you for sharing that, that looks like a really cool project. It is amazing and inspiring to see how people are doing creative work within the resource, latency and power consumption constraints of these devices.

I am really looking forward to Course 3, I can’t wait to dig into the hardware. :slight_smile:

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thank you for sharing Vijay, I will look at this closly, it certinaly looks to answer my thoughts. Most appriciated.