Honeybees monitoring

I have the pleasure to be friends with the beekeepers community in my area, and I would like to offer them a module they can literally drop in their box and be updated on the temperature and humidity.

But I would like to analyze the noise the bees make and maybe come up with their stress level or something like that.

The project is beyond me as i am just starting up with TinyML. Anyone would like to cooperate with me, and be part of this contribution?


Hey Francis!!

I’m looking into this as well!!

My approach is to use a microphone and analyze frequencies. From my understanding, bees emit sounds at specific frequencies depending on the state they’re in. If they’re sick, scared, acting normal, etc… they emit specifically different frequencies.

So the approach is to convert frequencies into spectrum images, then into classifications.

Another one is potentially using a camera module, to check if hives conditions. E.g. if they’re are full of honey, drying up, darkening (indicating some sort of a disease), etc…

If you’re looking at it for fun or from a research perspective, I’d be more than happy to work with you on this…

Hey! Yes ofcourse I am interested in cooperating! Maybe we can add the data from your area and mine into a larger database :slight_smile:

Let’s talk in more detail? How do we communicate privately?

That’s an amazing idea!

I’ve created a slack channel. Anyone is welcome to join:

we’ll most likely share it on github too and update it as we go along…

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Stumbled across the following link, which might relate to your group’s interests: https://www.hackster.io/354300/longhive-12d952